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ZPN VPN : S’agit-il d’un choix fiable ?

Basé aux Émirats arabes unis, ZPN est un service VPN relativement nouveau qui a connu un début assez impressionnant dans le secteur. Les nombreuses fonctionnalités offertes par le service soulèvent toutefois quelques inquiétudes.

Max Ostryzhko

User Comments

Safe Internet Everywhere: There is no VPN that keeps me safe while browsing over the internet like ZPN. I have been using their services for some time now and I recommend it not for safety and privacy benefits only but also because of its great speeds.
Besides the great speeds that I enjoyed with ZPN, the provider should provide a solid guarantee that it can prevent any leaks. This is something that I was concerned about as I found no information relating to the matter.
I really had to wonder why the ZPN could not provide for a kill switch feature. This is something that I always look for before settling for any VPN services. Perhaps they should do something about this.
Not to say that I was looking for a free ZPN provider, but I was impressed with its free monthly plan that also guarantees for great speeds.
It was somehow challenging for me to find the information I needed in settling for the ZPN as its webpage has got too much information. However, I got what I wanted but it took me a lot of time to maneuver around their pages.
ZPN, unlike other VPNs that I have used can be used in different parts of the world. This provides me with the convenience I seek for in a reliable VPN. I do not have to switch VPNs each time I am travelling abroad.
At first I was skeptical with the ZPN provider as it is located in UAE. However, my doubts were cleared with the great speeds that it offers. I had no lags when streaming videos online and thus I greatly recommend the VPN.
One thing that makes this VPN unique is the affordable price tag that it has. Some of the VPNs I have used promise heaven and do not deliver. But with ZPN, it is affordable and delivers beyond expectations.
ZVPN provider should reconsider working out their limited customer service. This was a huge disappointment for me as I wanted a provider that can help me whenever I need assistance. Their lack of 24/7 customer support discouraged me greatly
something should be done about the customer support options that are provided. It doesn’t make sense that the provider offers great speeds and yet it struggles with providing 24/7 customer support.

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