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Фиговый VPN вообще не нравится?
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You guys, if you want to have people that are satisfied by your service , you should do something. This is awful. The speed is bad, I’m not sure about my privacy and I don’t have a support when I need it. Sorry but this time you h...Lisez la suite
First, I couldn’t connect to any server and then when I finally did that, every time I tried to connect  it took me my entire life to do that. Disappointed.
Okay, I’m satisfied by the speed and the things I can do with it but when I started using it, my battery was not okay and  now, after 4 months I can really say the problem with my battery is because of this app. This is like battery eater, really.
When I first saw ZeroVpn on the Internet I was sceptic but then I started using it and I was like: ‘’hey, this is good’’. Right now I’m a little disappointed because it is less satisfactory. Sometimes it gives no internet.
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The app. is free and I like it because of that. Also, there is no traffic limit and the speed is okay to me. The  thing that I don’t like when it comes this this VPN is the fact they don’t include Kill Switch and for me that’s necessary.
I use this app. starting from March this year and it helps me a lot because WhatsApp is blocked in our country and I have to use it so I can be in touch with my business partners from abroad but I’m a little worried when it comes to the privacy since that is really important to me.
Impressive. I’m glad I tried this VPN. You can use it without registration.
I find it very useful and helpful and keep up to good work guys!!
It is very simple and I enjoy doing some things on the Internet thanks to this app. which I’m not able to do if I don’t use it but now I’m trying to use it and the signal is lost but I’m sure they will take care of that and I can use it again as before.
I use this service one year and I can say it is working well on my Android. All in all, I really recommend this VPN.
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