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Ils ont des serveurs dans 30 pays. 90 % des évaluations des utilisateurs de ZenMate VPN sont positives.
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ZenMate VPN : Un service VPN fiable ?

Basé à Berlin, en Allemagne, ZenMate est passé d’un service proxy à un service VPN complet, et c’est aujourd’hui l’un des rares services VPN du monde à s’adresser également aux internautes non anglophones. Desservant aujourd’hui plus de 43 millions d’utilisateurs, s’agit-il véritablement d’un service VPN sur lequel vous pouvez compter ?

Max Ostryzhko

User Comments

Zenmate helped me with accessing telegram in Russia. Telegrem is the main means of communication that I use and therefore I would use zenmate for a long time for this reason.
I use netflix on a daily bases. Other vpn providers do not have a feature to block errors that restrict some movies. This was therefore a big plus for me.
They do not have 24/7 customer care support. I had to submit a request form for the questions I had and it took very long to receive back the response.
Zenmate offers different ways that you can pay the mothly subsriptions like credit cared, paypal e.t.c which is really helpful although they do not send me an email befor renewing and they do not refund the moneey so it goes into another month's subscription.
I was disappointed when uploading and downloading because zenmate server speeds were low. I also was not able to enjoy video streams because of the same.
Zenmate helps in anonymity since it switched locations for me depending on the website I visited at a particular time but I had to pay extra for premium plan to access this feature.
The monthly subscription bill is affordable but not really worth the level of features they provide since the most of the features are provided for premium subscription only.
I was glad I was able to access the 7 day free trial that is provided. It helped me understand the features and speeds first before I paid for the monthly bill.
Zenmate does not collect personal data. It only collects when you approve. It therefore provided me with the privacy that i needed
I like the fact that I do not have to worry about exposure even when the connection is low. It is easy to use the kill switch to cut the connection. I therefore feel protected.

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